Philippine Star Symbol Illustration

My name is Krisha.

It is important to connect with our communities through visually ​compelling art that captures our important stories and ​communicates the most challenging concepts through the ​exploration and experiementation of different mediums.

About Krisha.

Graduated in May 2023 from Otis College of Art and ​Design. I am passionate about creating graphic ​illustrations geared towards brand design and ​identity. My goal is help people and artists like ​myself find their place in the world. I would love to ​work with people and companies who will push my ​creative boundaries to make something truly unique ​and collaborative. Reach out if you think we can ​create impactful visual art together.

Design Focuses


Traditional and Digital

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Acrobat

Mixed Media

Experimentation and ​exploration of different ​mediums.

Project Gallery

witty - Illustration

Requiem of a Great Cat- ​Illustration

Morning Glow - Illustration

Cricket - Illustration

Oliver & Me - Illustration

Topographic Bodies - ​Illustration

Her Neighborhood - Illustration

Dragon v. Plane - Illustration

Ms. Bellum and the Powerpups - ​Illustration

“No” Is A Full Sentence - ​Illustration

Appa - Gouache, mixed media

Drinking is not Consent - ​Illustration

Killer Whales - Gouache, mixed ​media

Never the Victim’s Fault - ​Illustration

Pallid Bat - Gouache, mixed ​media

Love by Design Pt. 1 (2022)- ​Graphic Design

Love by Design Pt. 1 (2023) - ​Graphic Design

Love by Design Pt. 2 (2022) - ​Graphic Design

Love by Design Pt. 2 (2023) - ​Graphic Design

Veteran’s Day - Graphic Design

United Against Hate- Graphic ​Design

Slash Fest- Graphic Design

Jeweled Mushroom - Mixed ​media

Mass Grave - Graphic Design

Avo-Coaster - Ceramics

Cookout Invitation - Graphic ​Design

Gilled Mushroom- Mixed media

Reach out if you want to create impactful visual art together.

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